Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service in London

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning ServiceYour couches and cushions need a bit of refreshing? Our upholstery cleaning service in London aims toward those who would like to rejuvenate and sanitise the padded covers of their furniture or mattress, which are common source of dust, allergens and mould. Washing your couch, mattress, drapery, sofa or other furniture pieces and bringing their hygiene to a high standard is always possible with True Domestic Cleaners London. The cleaning experts use certified Prochem hot water extraction equipment to ensure a top notch cleaning service. They are trained professionals, who are experienced, certified and well equipped to provide the required sanitation to your upholstered furniture and mattress. You only need to reach your phone and call 020 3868 1342 to place your order! Act now and witness results that match your expectations in no time!

How Do We Clean Upholstered Furniture?

Our methods and techniques of upholstery cleaning will breathe more life into your worn-out and yet still beloved furniture pieces. What will truly amaze you is the ability of our specialists to excel in the craft of extracting dirt from no matter what upholstery they encounter. They use the following formula to do their job:

  • Set-up: Our upholstery and mattress cleaning experts will promptly arrive for the appointment bringing the required professional detergents and equipment with them. They inspect the type of fabric that covers your furniture and decide what detergents are applicable. After that, the technicians will set up cleaning equipment and detergents, following safety protocols to not damage other furniture, floors and walls or leave a mess.
  • Pre-treatment: Our experts vacuum the furniture to remove solids before they apply the specific detergents to wash and sanitise dirty spots and patches.
  • Main treatment: The technicians then use a Prochem certified hot water extraction equipment to spray a high pressure mix of hot water and detergent onto your upholstered furniture or mattress that afterwards gets hoovered back up, removing 95% of the moisture along with all the dirt, dust and allergens.
  • After treatment: The cleaning professionals can apply a protective spray upon request. After washing, the furniture needs to dry for over three hours. We can also provide equipment that will significantly speed up this process.

Why Choose Our Cleaners for Your Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning Needs?

Sofa Cleaning Service LondonYou opt for a professional company that provides high standard cleaning services in London. Our staff consists of friendly, trustworthy and highly trained professionals. They are certified cleaning experts and use approved Prochem equipment and detergents to achieve the high quality service we provide. On the other hand, the products we use for our services are environment-friendly, safe for both children and pets. In addition, we do serious and thorough quality control on a regular basis. Our company is a solid choice when it comes to top-notch cleaning service for upholstery and mattresses, so proceed now and use our booking options. You will get perks like the following:

  • Affordable, customer-friendly price rates, without deposits or hidden charges;
  • Flexible scheduling, with options for evenings, weekends and bank holidays;
  • Free price estimates over the phone, without any obligation required form you;
  • Team of professionals who have all passed through training, vetting and have insurance;
  • Free Reclean and Moneyback Policy: If you’re not satisfied with the result of our upholstery cleaning service you can request a FREE reclean and in the unlikely event of that not standing up to your expectations you will get a full refund.
  • 24/7 customer support, provided by polite and knowledgeable representatives;
  • Protective NanoProtect layer for prolonged protection against stains for your furniture;
  • An addition price discount if this service is combined with carpet cleaning;

Call us Now and You Get a Free Quote!

The phones are up 24/7 for your convenience, so get in touch with us now! The customer representatives we have in our support facility will help you make the best choice for you upholstery or mattress cleaning needs. If you are in London and you need to clean your mattress or any other upholstered furniture, do not hesitate to call us! You will be guided through the booking process, receive a price quote and our cleaning experts are guaranteed to meet your standards!