The One Off Cleaning in London for You!

One Off Cleaning SuppliesWe all need a little help sometimes. Cleaning can be tough, time-consuming and frustrating. When other things are on your mind or schedule, it is just a bit too much. Yet that mess won’t go away by itself and it doesn’t even pay rent. For those times, you should rely on our London one-off cleaning service. Thanks to years of experience, we will provide you with a high quality and convenience. It is affordable, too! Don’t just take our word for it though. As a reliable domestic cleaning company in London, we have many satisfied customers. Check the reviews! Looking for a professional London cleaning company? Book our cleaners!

If you would like to try us out before booking regular cleaners – this service is perfect for you. You can have either deep or spring cleaning. Give our phone representatives a call and they’ll help you out!

What Will You Get from The One-off Deep Cleaning Service?

This service is the most thorough property sweep we offer. Each home has different needs and we know that. Your cleaner, or cleaners, will follow a detailed checklist, but he can use yours too. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you want! Our deep cleaning professionals will work hard through the hours you schedule. They will complete as much as they can from the lists, going from top to bottom. To guarantee the good work of our London cleaners, we do regular cleaning quality inspections.

Our Deep Cleaning Checklist

The cleaners will, in the allotted time, do as much of the following as possible.

  • Full property:
    Clean windows, window sills and frames;
    Clean doors;
    Clean light switches and sockets;
    Clean wardrobes;
    Woodwork dusting for stairs and hallways;
    Hoover and mop;
    Laundry and ironing if requested or leftover time;
  • Kitchen:
    Dust and polish surfaces;
    Remove limescale from sink;
    Clean appliances;
    Clean cupboards – outside and inside;
    Hoover and mop again, if needed;
  • Bathroom:
    Clean walls, shower door, screen, mirrors;
    Shelf, cabinet cleaning – inside and out;
    Clean sink and toilet;
    Clean grout;
    Deep clean floor;
  • Bedroom:
    Make bedding if requested;

Professional Spring Cleaning in London

Would you like a simpler one-off cleaning service? Our London spring cleaners do just that! This service is not as thorough as the previous one, but it might suit you better. The difference here is that while we still clean same general areas, our focus is on the superficial. This is a one-time spring cleaning service that you can do every once in a while to keep your home looking good. It takes less time, but the results are still great! Just call our 24/7 phones to get a no-obligations quote for our London domestic cleaners!

Some of the Things Our London Spring Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Scrubbing down of surfaces, furniture and appliances;
  • Deep bathroom and toilet cleaning;
  • Full property cleaning;

Our London Cleaning Services Are:

  • High Quality: Your motivated cleaners will work to the best of their ability and that’s a lot! We put each one of our staff through a comprehensive training course. What’s more is that they will come prepared with state-of-the-art equipment and detergents. This makes the cleaning service very efficient. We know for a fact that our London one-off cleaners will meet your demands;
  • Convenient: Your needs are the priority here. We account for your convenience in every step of the way. With us, you can schedule one-off home cleaners when you need them. With the domestic cleaning teams in your area, you can have our services when it is most convenient. We will also listen to all your demands and work hard to meet them;
  • Reliable: We manage everything. You don’t have to worry about sudden cancellations or anything like that. Thanks to regular quality control, you can expect consistency in our cleaning services. Your safety is important too. This is why we put every London cleaner through extensive background checks. We will only send you the most trustworthy, reliable cleaners;
  • Affordable: Not only does efficiency make our work better – it also lowers the price! Since your one-off cleaner works fast, you need to pay for less of his time! We provide the professional cleaning services London can afford.