Cleaning Services London

True Domestic Cleaners London is the provider you need for the optimal hygiene in your property. Our one and only goal as a company is to give you services you will love. To make this happen, we maintain high standards of cleaning and we employ specialists who have the appropriate abilities for the final mission. Our rates are competitive, which means you will get a great value for your money. Take a look at the different options you have for ordering! You can opt for different cleaning services depending on your specific needs and combine them when you need to save time and money (merging services will give you discount options).

» Book Carpet Cleaning in London

Carpet Cleaning Services in LondonYou will have your carpets and rugs thoroughly cleaned and looking fresh. To achieve this final result, we send experienced cleaning specialists. They undergo comprehensive training and use the most advanced methods, along with cutting-edge equipment. You can rely on our help for all types of fabrics and all types of carpets and rugs (tufted and woven). We choose the proper methods for dirt extraction and treatment of stains on wool, silk, jute, synthetic fibres and more. We bring our own water extraction machines and detergents for the removal of stains. However, you can opt for your own and we will gladly apply them on your rugs.

Prices: Starting from £22.

» Comprehensive Upholstery Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Service LondonYou can expect the same advanced methods of cleaning when the object is any type of padded furniture covering. The furniture pieces that have upholstery can be sofas, couches, cushions, armchairs and so forth. The overall procedure resembles the one used for carpet cleaning with only a tiny difference for suede, plush and other materials which are typical for the textile coverings on the aforementioned movables. These methods are of course a bit more delicate. We use softer mixtures for the tanks of our water extraction machines and we opt for more specific treatment of the stains that we may encounter.

Prices: Starting from £31.

» Premium Domestic Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning Services in LondonChoose our top-notch house cleaning – for when you need a helping hand for all those tedious tasks in your home. The cleaning specialists we send will help you with hoovering, sweeping, mopping, dusting and wiping. We use the most advanced cleaning methods as a solution to your problems with the domestic hygiene. It will be wonderful to know that you can entrust such an important matter to skilled professionals, wouldn’t you agree? Just give us a call and we will explain you the details of the pricing. Here are the basic charges:

Prices: Starting from £10.5 per hour.

» Quick & Efficient One Off Cleaning Service

One-Off Cleaning Services in LondonThis is the umbrella term for a handful of specific needs you may have in different situations. The common characteristics is your need for quick results. For example, you may need this service when spring is coming and you need a large-scale cleaning in your home. You may also book for this service when you want your premises clean for a party and/or after a party. The deep cleaning of some special places in your property is another example of this particular service. The one off cleaning is hourly based and you need to prepare a checklist if you want a strict order and priority spots for the process.

Prices: Starting from £12 per hour.

» Thorough Deep Cleaning

Deep House Cleaning Services in LondonOne of the more specific services that we offer. The deep cleaning consists of more comprehensive approach. Some of the examples include the cleaning of spaces behind heavy furniture, behind or over appliances and fixtures, special coverings of walls and floors and so forth. The end result is an improvement of the overall hygiene in your home, as the accumulating dust will be removed and the bad odour from hard to reach places will be neutralised.

Prices: Contact us on 020 3868 1342 for an accurate and exact estimate!

» Move in Cleaning for New Residents and Landlords

Move In Cleaning Services in LondonThis is the service that perfectly fits the needs of anyone who faces a large-scale cleaning project in a vacant property. When you need your the place you just started to call home cleaned and ready for you to move in, we are the ones you can count on. The same service is also suitable for landlords, too. If you are a landlord and you need to make your property a desirable place for new tenants, we are the helping hand you need for such time-consuming job.

Prices: Contact us on 020 3868 1342 for an accurate and exact estimate!

» Order Swift End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in LondonThe day of your moving out approaches and you don’t have the time required for the final clean? Worry not, as we are the company you can entrust with this delicate task. The move out cleaning service we have for you will guarantee you the full return of your deposit money. Both you and your landlord will be happy to end the tenancy without complications. And you will be more than happy to have enough free time for more important tasks; like packing your belongings, finding a new place to call home and transporting your movables there. Have your peace of mind when you are busy dealing with these tasks – hire us and have a helping hand.

Prices: Starting from £95.

» After Builders Cleaning for Finishing the Overhaul of Your Home

After Builders Cleaning Services in LondonThe after builders cleaning is the procedure you need when there are too many leftovers after renovation, repairs and maintenance. For example, you may need to deal with a lot of paint marks after paint jobs inside your home. Or, you will almost always have to clean lots of debris after tiling, replacing hard wood floors or some other alterations of your home interior. It is inevitable – repair works and renovations will always lead to additional cleaning. To ease up the process and make sure that the proper methods are used, you can do a smart move – hire experienced technicians who know what products and machinery to apply for a result that matches your requirements.

Prices: Contact us on 020 3868 1342 for an accurate and exact estimate!