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Carpets make a good floor for your home. They are soft, inviting, warm and impossible to clean. Have you tried it? Hoovering is a must for upkeep, but it has no effect on an already dirty carpet. You have to spend hours, or days, scrubbing, or buy expensive equipment which doesn’t do a good job. The result of those efforts is negligible at best and damaging at worst. Instead of wasting your time and money, you should book professional carpet cleaning in Hackney. It’s a great solution. You’ll have clean carpets, at an affordable price, in very little time. Check out the reviews and give us a call!

How Our Hackney Carpet Cleaners Work

The process works in three stages

  • First: After arriving at the specified time, our cleaners will inspect your carpet. They do this to determine the optimal treatment for its fibre and the different stains. After inspecting,our staff set up their tools and move furniture out of the way.
  • Second: The cleaners apply the needed pre-treatment to each spot, stain or patch. We provide various detergents to treat each kind of blemish well.
  • Third: The cleaning experts go over your rugs with a hot-water extraction machine. It removes all the unwanted substances, including dirt, dust, mould, detergents and many more.

After a final quality inspection, this Hackney rug cleaning service is complete. Just give your carpet a couple of hours to get completely dry and you’re set! If you want, our cleaners can apply NanoGuard. This spray forms a protective layer on your rug’s fibres and doesn’t let water or oil-based dirt sink in. It lasts for a long time and doesn’t change the colour or texture of the carpeting.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Services?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. For this reason we provide you with:

  • Great results: Every one of our cleaners has experience and they know how to clean each type of carpet well. We’ll bring the colour and texture of your carpet back and remove its stains. You will also see an increase in air quality, because of all the dust we remove;
  • Moneyback Policy: Whenever you’re not satisfied with the quality of the service you’ve received you will get a free reclean and if even that’s not able to solve the issue you will get a refund.
  • Convenience: You can call our phone lines at any time. They are operational 24/7. The friendly phone representatives will help you schedule our Hackney carpet cleaners at a time convenient for you. You won’t have to change your schedule to suit us;
  • Affordable rates: We clean rugs with efficiency. This means it doesn’t take a lot of time and it doesn’t cost much. You also get a discount when you book multiple services with us. Call us now and get your no-obligations quote;
  • Safety: You will only get trustworthy cleaning experts from us. We perform extensive background checks on each of our employees. This includes passport checks, criminal history, previous employer references and more. We also provide full insurance against accidental damage;

The Equipment Our Rug Cleaners in Hackney Use

We provide our professionals with industrial-grade equipment. This includes a hot-water extraction machine, which is Prochem certified, and various detergents for stain elimination. Our cleaners know how to use their tools to their full capability. The hot-water extraction machine is our most powerful tool. It uses high pressure to apply a detergent mix deep into the fibre of your rug. Right after that, it sucks everything back up, including 95% of the moisture and all the unwanted substances. There are no leftover detergents and the carpet looks like new. Ask our cleaners about spray protection for your rug!

Our Adept Cleaners

The cleaners we’ll send you are certified experts. We put each one through a rigorous training process, to ensure that their work will meet your demands. They work hard, taking great care of your carpet. We perform regular quality checks on our Hackney carpet cleaning professionals. Your home is also safe with us, because our cleaners are trustworthy. We make sure of that with thorough background checks and we also provide full insurance against accidents. You won’t regret booking our services.

About the Price

Each carpet is different and requires its own, specialised treatment. We calculate the price according to that. Rest assured, our rates are affordable. This is because of the efficient work of our experts. You also get a good discount if you book multiple services from our company. Call our 24/7 phone and get your no-obligations quote!

Call The Professional Carpet Cleaners in Hackney

Call us now – 020 3868 1342 – to book this service! You can use the 24/7 phone line, where our phone representatives will help you choose just what you need. We also have an online booking form for your convenience. Feel free to submit, or call us with, any questions you might have about our services. We’re happy to provide you with high quality. If you’re looking for professional Hackney rug cleaners – book us!

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