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Carpet cleaning is a difficult and frustrating task. Can you imagine yourself scrubbing a rug for hours on end, just for unremarkable results? Even then, this can do damage to your carpeting! Carpet cleaning equipment will reduce the amount of effort you need, but the consumer machines are ineffective and expensive. To make matters worse, each stain requires special treatment, with special detergents. You will also have to find a way to remove the detergents afterward. Don’t bother with all that! Book the carpet cleaning service Fulham can rely on! With specialised equipment and professional cleaners, we will save you the time and effort. We provide our services at affordable rates, so booking us is a great choice. Call us now – 020 3868 1342 – and get a quote, tailored just for you.

Your Professional Rug Cleaners

The cleaning technitians will provide you with the top-notch quality you want. To ensure this, we put all of our cleaners through specialised training. Each one of them has the needed experience to clean your carpet to a high standard. They know how to use their equipment well and how to use the various detergents for stain removal that we provide. To ensure the high quality of this service, we also perform regular checks on our cleaners’ work. That’s not all. We know that your home is your castle and you can’t let anyone in. We perform thorough background checks on every employee and we only hire the most trustworthy ones. Our local Fulham carpet cleaners are reliable. Not only that, but we also provide full insurance against accidental damage. You can trust our services!

Why Should You Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Just check out our reviews! This rug cleaning service is:

  • Convenient: When can you call us? Any time! When can you book our services? When you need them! You won’t have to adjust your schedule to suit us. Call our 24/7 phone lines and schedule our cleaners when it is most convenient to you;
  • Professional: With a great staff of cleaning experts and industrial-grade equipment, we provide high quality services. We do regular quality checks on the work of our Fulham rug cleaning professionals, so you can expect great service every time;
  • Reliable: If you are not happy with the results of our carpet cleaning service you will receive a free reclean and in the unlikely event of you still being unhappy – you will then get a full refund for the service.
  • Safe: We care about the safety of your home, your belongings and yourself. For this reason, we put each cleaner through a rigorous background checking process. We also provide full insurance against accidental damage, so you don’t have to worry about that;
  • Effective: With experience and the proper tools, our cleaners will leave you satisfied. They will remove stains, dust, mould, dirt patches and more. For protection, we offer a spray which protects your couch against water and oil-based substances;
  • Affordable: Our cleaning experts work with efficiency. Because of this, we offer our services to you at affordable rates. You can also get a discount when you book multiple services from us. Call us to get your no-obligation price estimate;

How Our Fulham Rug Cleaners Work:

The cleaning process works in three stages:

  1. The carpet technicians inspect the fibre type of your carpet to determine the optimal treatment. We do this so we can leave your carpet as clean as possible without doing any damage.
  2. The cleaners map and apply pre-treatment to all high traffic areas, spots and stains. Each one requires a special approach and detergents, which we supply.
  3. Our carpet cleaners in Fulham use a certified Prochem hot-water extraction machine. It injects the proper detergent mix deep into the fibre of your rug. After that, it sucks everything out, along with the pre-treatment detergents, dust, dirt, stains and all other unwanted substances.

When the service is complete, your carpet only needs a couple of hours to dry completely. If needed, we can supply ventilation equipment to speed up that process. Don’t forget to ask about the protective spray!

What Will It Cost You?

We want everybody to be able to afford this service, so our prices are low. Each carpet is different though, so the prices vary. Give us a call and our phone representatives will give you a quote tailored to you.

The Equipment We Use For Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaners come equipped with all the needed tools and detergents. This includes a hot-water extraction machine by Prochem and various chemicals for stain treatment. The machine uses a water and detergent mix to extract dirt, stains, mould, dust, mites and everything else you don’t want in your carpet. It leaves the rug clean and fresh, which improves its colour, feel and hygiene. You will also notice an increase in air quality, because of all the dust we will remove.

Book Your SW6 Carpet Cleaners Today!

Call us now – 020 3868 1342 – and get a no-obligations quote for your carpet. You can use the 24/7 phone lines or the online booking form provided here. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you might have. When you call, our phone representatives will guide you through the process of booking. You can reach us and book our services when you need us. Book your carpet cleaners in Fulham SW6 with us!

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