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Have you tried cleaning your carpets by hand? There’s not much you can do about stains and dirt patches, other than to buy a bunch of expensive equipment and detergents. Even then you face the possibility of doing and some unimpressive results. Can you imagine kneeling, scrubbing and breathing detergent fumes for hours with not much to show for it? There is a solution! Book the carpet cleaning Croydon trusts! You get fresh, clean carpets with no effort when you book this service. Furthermore, we save you time and the money you’ll otherwise spend on cleaning equipment.

Trustworthy Expert Cleaners

We want to provide you with the best in the world of cleaning. To do this, we hire only the best cleaners. For your safety, and the security of your home and belongings, we put all of our employees through a thorough vetting process. This includes passport checks, previous employer references, possible criminal history and much more. We will only send you trustworthy, safe people. Our staff are also qualified experts with experience in their field. Each one of our local carpet cleaners in Croydon goes through rigorous training. They are more than prepared to meet any high demands. To be sure that you will receive the high quality in cleaning that we stand for, we perform regular checks on their work. Just check out the reviews that our other satisfied customers leave!

Carpet Cleaning Service Benefits You’ll Get!

Many things factor in the quality of our services. As a company that relies on repeat customers, we take great care to leave you satisfied. This service you get is:

  • Professional: Our carpet cleaning technicians go through specialized training and come equipped with professional machines. They will meet even the highest cleaning standards;
  • Reliable: You won’t have to change your schedule to suit us. Book our services when you need them. There is no distance surcharge and no hidden fees. We also perform regular quality checks on our cleaners’ work;
  • Convenient: The service takes little time and you can have it when you need it. To schedule it, you can reach us on our phone lines at any time. Our friendly phone representatives will help you choose just what you need;
  • Affordable: We want everybody to have access to this service. With a professional approach, affordable prices are no problem. Give us a call and get a no-obligations quote that is tailored to your needs;
  • Safe: We care for your safety. Every cleaner you book from us is a trustworthy person. We make sure of it with thorough background checks. We also provide full insurance against accidental damage, so you won’t have to worry about that;
  • Quality: We remove stains, dirt, dust, mould and so much more! Not only will your carpets be clean and fresh, but we can, upon request, apply a protective spray to keep them like that for a longer time;
  • Refunds Policy: In the rare event of a customer being unhappy with the quality of the service received a free reclean is provided. If even it cannot right the wrong the customer will get a moneyback.

How Will Your Carpet Cleaning Service Go?

The process is simple and quick. Once our technicians arrive, they will inspect the carpet to determine its fibre type. We do this, because each carpet type requires particular care to avoid damage. They will also check out each blemish, stain or patch and apply the pre-treatment it needs. After that is done, they will go over your carpet with an industrial hot-water extraction machine. This will leave your carpet clean, fresh and almost completely dry! You will notice an increase in air quality with less dust and a reduction of unpleasant odours.

About the Price

Your service is tailored to you, so the rates vary. You also get a discount if you book multiple services with us. Call us now and our phone representatives will give you a price estimate!

What Equipment Will Our Rug Cleaners Use?

For the best results, our Croydon carpet cleaners come equipped with various detergents and an industrial hot-water extraction machine. They use the chemicals to treat different stains, which would otherwise be hard or impossible to remove. The machine itself is great. It sprays a liquid detergent mix into the fibres of your carpet. It does this with high pressure, which means it will reach deep. The mix binds to many of the unwanted substances and makes them easy to remove. Afterwards, the machine sucks all of it out, along with the pre-treatment detergents, dust, mould, dirt and much more. This brings back the colour, smell and feel of your carpet. You only need to give it a couple of hours to dry completely and that’s it. We can supply ventilation equipment to speed up that process, if needed. You can also ask us to apply protection. That comes in the form of a spray, which forms a protective layer that stops water and oil-based substances from sinking into the carpet. Don’t worry! It won’t change the look or feel of your rugs.

Book Your Croydon Carpet Cleaning Service

Call us – 020 3868 1342 – now and get a no-obligations quote for your carpet! You can reach us 24/7 on the phone or online. Our friendly phone representatives will help you choose the exact service that you need. You can also call us with any questions! Use the online booking form if you prefer. We will call you back at a time which you specify. If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service in Croydon – give us a call!

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