Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Acton W3

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in ActonHave you ever tried cleaning carpets by hand? It is frustrating, time-consuming and most of all – it can damage your carpet. The results are not even that good. You’ll need countless detergents just to remove stains. Still, carpets are accumulators of dirt, dust, mites and a lot of other unwanted substances. Your whole home may suffer because of this. Why not try some professional help? We provide the carpet cleaning Acton W3 loves! With our help, you save yourself all the hassle, hard work and time! Most of all, you can expect greater results. Do yourself a favour and book your carpet cleaners today!

About This Service:

The professional rug cleaning service you book from us is a great gift for your home. You can expect quality care from our carpet cleaners in Acton W3. We will send you a professional, who will inspect your carpet to determine its fibre type and the places that need special treatment. These places include spots, stains and patches which will otherwise be hard to remove. With proper pre-treatment, however, it is more than possible. After that process, your carpet cleaner will set up a special machine with the proper detergent mix for your rugs. We combine detergents in a way that will clean your carpet well, but not damage it.

Detailed Information About The Procedure

When we do carpet cleaning, we follow these steps:

  1. We’ll move furniture, such as a sofa or couch, out of the way;
  2. When the carpet is free from obstructions, we apply pre-treatment to spots, stains and patches;
  3. After that, we pre-spray with a solution that binds with oily dirt, making it easier to extract;
  4. We mechanically agitate the fibres of the rug to help the detergents work better;
  5. With the use of a hot-water extraction machine, we spray a liquid solution deep into the fibre of your carpet. This detergent mix binds with the rest of the unwanted ubstances;
  6. The machine subsequently extracts the solution and pre-treatment chemicals back out again, along with the mould, dust, dirt and everything else;
  7. We move the furniture back;
  8. Grooming comes next. We groom your carpet to untangle fibres and make it fluffy;
  9. Drying takes only a couple of hours in a ventilated room. If needed, we will provide aeration equipment to speed up the process;


The Carpet Cleaning Equipment You Get:

Complete Stain Removal - Carpet Cleaners Acton W3The equipment we use for the main process is a hot-water extraction machine from Prochem. It sprays the detergent mix into your carpet with high pressure, reaching the deepest parts of the fibre. After that, it extracts everything along with the unwanted substances. This removes detergents, dust, dirt, mites, mould and much more. In the end, your carpet will be cleaner than ever. All you have to do is leave it for a few hours until it is completely dry.

Our Carpet Cleaners are Great Because:

  • They have full certification and great experience;
  • They use state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment;
  • We pre-treat stains;
  • Free Recleans are provided upon request.
  • We can apply a protective spray after the procedure;
  • You can reach us 24/7;
  • The service is affordable;
  • We offer discounts when you book multiple services;
  • All our employees are trustworthy;
  • We provide comprehensive insurance against accidents;
  • The Moneyback Policy of the company is here for your peace of mind.

What About The Price?

We make this service affordable. Why? Because with great carpet cleaners and specialised technology, our work is efficient. This means we can reduce the price offered to you. And we do it! We would like everybody to be able to afford a carpet cleaning service, because we know you’ll love it. Wondering what it will cost you, specifically? Call us now on 020 3868 1342 and get a no-obligations price estimate!

Our Reliable Carpet Cleaners:

Your home is your castle. It is your place of safety. We know you can’t just trust everyone inside. We care for your safety and this is why all our carpet cleaners in Acton W3 go through extensive background checks. You will only get trustworthy people from us. They also have full insurance against accidents. We make sure our employees are people you can trust. To guarantee the quality of our rug cleaning service in Acton W3, we put our staff through training. Every one of our cleaners has the needed experience and certification to do professional work. High quality is what you get when you book our services. And you can do that 24/7! Reach us on the phone or online and our customer representatives will help you with anything you need. You can schedule our carpet cleaning service in Acton W3 at times convenient for you. This includes same day booking and emergencies!

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