Efficient After Builders Cleaning Service by True Domestic Cleaners London

Post-Construction Cleaners in LondonAre you planning a renovation? Have you thought about hiring specialists of after builders cleaning already? They will help you with something you would want to do by yourself. So call our cleaning company for a visitation of professionals who will rid you of this chore! This service will help you save a lot of time and effort, so don’t hesitate. With this high quality assistance of ours, you will surely enjoy your latest renovation in a clean home! Having builders in your home will eventually result in a big, hard to clean mess in the end, after the dust settles. Even minor repairs may leave you with a lot of work, most likely of the kind you hate with passion. Most of the refuse that workers leave, such as debris and dust require specific equipment to deal with properly. We will take care of that! Our cleaning specialists use certified cleaning equipment to make the cleaning task easy and hassle-free. The whole service we offer is quick and guaranteed. Our team is always ready to provide you with builders cleaning service in London.

Why Choose Us as Your After Builders Cleaning Providers?

We provide professional cleaning services all across London. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services at affordable rates. Our after builders cleaning is not an exception. You will find everything you need for a situation like the aforementioned – when your property is a mess after repairs, renovation or maintenance works. Take advantage of a top-notch service, with characteristics like the following:

  • Our cleaning experts are perfectly trained for this service. They are certified professionals with experience who know how to do their job well. Being our employees, they are thoroughly vetted and fully insured. We do this to guarantee their safety, the safety of your home, your belongings and yourself;
  • The equipment we use is certified and job-specific. This allows us to accomplish a great deal of work quickly and with great efficiency;
  • Our services give comfort to our clients. You can use our 24/7 phone lines to book for an appointment at any time. We also do emergencies and same-day booking;
  • The after builders cleaning service is guaranteed, like the rest of our services. The price is fixed beforehand and the cleaners make sure everything is properly cleaned before they can leave;
  • We are eco-friendly, which means we care for the environment, your health and the well-being of children and pets. We dispose of chemicals and hazardous materials responsibly;

How Our Professional Cleaners Do It

London After Builders Cleaning ServicesYou may be asking yourself what are the details of our after builders cleaning service. Here is a list that will make clear what you get with our help and what kind of chores you’re going to avoid:

  • We remove all leftover labels from windows, appliances, toilet, sink and all other furniture;
  • We clean all floor skirting;
  • We remove paint, plaster and other leftovers from windows;
  • We also remove paint, plaster and other leftovers from wooden and vinyl floors;
  • Furthemore, we remove paint, plaster and other leftovers from doors;
  • We clean of sockets and switches;
  • We do window cleaning, including frames and sills;
  • We do general cleaning of affected rooms;
  • We do cupboard cleaning – inside and out;
  • We do tile and basin cleaning in bathroom if needed;
  • We provide professional wall and ceiling cleaning;
  • We do professional hoovering of floors;
  • We do professional mopping of floors;
  • We make sure that there is no leftover dust;

Use Our 24/7 Phone Lines or Email Us!

Reach us on our 24/7 phone lines – 020 3868 1342 – to book your after builders cleaning service! Our representatives will provide you with all the additional information you need about our cleaning services. If you have just had builders in your home, or plan to in the future, get in touch with us! We will send the specialists that you need to deal with the piles of debris in no time. Our customer representatives will guide you through the details of choosing and booking a service. They will also tell you about our latest offers. Besides calling us, you can also fill in the request-a-service form on our website.